How to Connect Your PlayStation VR to Your TV

How to Connect Your PlayStation VR to Your TV

PlayStation VR is one of the most impressive devices to hit the gaming market in a long time. It brings the virtual reality experience to your living room, with games that feel more epic than anything you’ve ever played in a theater. In fact, the immersive experience can be so compelling that it might be tempting to just leave the real world behind altogether and escape into a fantasy world.

The process of connecting your PS VR headset to your console is relatively straightforward. The system includes a pair of cables that connect your headset to the PlayStation VR processor unit. These cables are called “connection cables” and should be labeled with the PS symbols on each end.

Step 1: Unpack Your PlayStation VR

You should find a large box that looks like the one above, which contains printed materials and the VR processor unit. It also includes an AC power cord, stereo headphones and an HDMI cable if you have the CUH-ZVR1.

Slide back the cover on the VR processor unit to expose all of its ports. This will allow you to attach the two PSVR HDMI connection cables (labeled #4) and the VR headset cable (labeled #5). Match up the symbols on these two cables with those on the corresponding port covers, and then slide the port cover back into place to complete the connections.

Step 2: Connect Your Processor Unit

Next, plug your VR’s processor unit into your TV using the HDMI cable. This will enable PSVR’s HDMI cable management features, which will provide Social Screen TV output and 3D audio processing when you play VR games or apps.

When you’re ready to start playing, you can use the PSVR controllers included with your PS VR to turn the console on and start a game. Or you can use a DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controller, which is recommended for many PSVR games.

The PlayStation VR is the most exciting thing to happen to video gaming in a long time, and it’s only getting better as new technologies emerge to help bring it to life. You can find PlayStation VR games in the PlayStation Store, and there are even some exclusives you can’t get anywhere else.

Connecting to Your TV

The first step in connecting your PSVR to your TV is to make sure that the cable from the processor unit has been plugged into your TV. You can check this by looking at the back of the PSVR unit, which should be labeled with a trapezoid that has an HDMI port on it.

Once you’ve plugged the cable into your TV, make sure it’s a full-sized HDMI cable. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a different cable type or an adapter.

Now, you should see a menu pop up, and your TV should be ready to display PSVR video. You should also see the tracking lights on the VR headset light up blue, which indicates that it’s working correctly. If it doesn’t, try reconnecting your HDMI cable or the headset to see if that helps.

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